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Transparent and Purposeful AI - An Interview with AI Expert Nigel Willson | FOBtv

Transparent and Purposeful AI - An Interview with AI Expert Nigel Willson | FOBtv

Nigel Willson spent twenty years working at Microsoft and much of it studying and speaking about artificial intelligence. He is now dedicating his time to helping societies understand how artificial intelligence needs to be controlled and monitored to ensure it is used for the common good. Interview Questions and Answers: Q1: Why is there a need for researching people's level of understanding AI? A1: 3:11 Q2: How do biases get built into AI in the first place? A2: 4:33 Q3: What are some current problems that might be out there right now? A3: 8:53 Q4: Is the role of We and AI an educational type role? Or do you have recommendations and advise on how to approach AI? A4: 12:38 /// For additional information, please visit: Reimagining the Future Blog: /// About the Reimagining the Future Series | The Future of Business The Reimagining the Future Series, produced by the Future of Business team, helps our clients and partners see the combinatorial effects of science, technology, digital forces, and societal factors that are rapidly shaping our emerging future. The series provides inspiration, strategic ideas, actionable thought leadership, and guidance to better understand the transformational journey and its implications to help business leaders reimagine and position their organizations for the future. /// BLOG: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN: #AI #artificialintelligence #weandai #futureofbusiness #reimaginingthefuture #scienceandtechnology #digitalforces #societalfactors #emergingfuture #businessstrategy #businessleaders #futureoforganizations

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