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meet the team

Sean and Nigel have over forty years combined experience of working with global enterprises at Microsoft, now with awaken AI a small, personal advisory company that is looking to have a big impact.

With the aim of making our knowledge and expertise available to organisations who are looking to start their journey with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our ethos is one of fairness, equality and to ensure that technology is used for the benefit of all society.

We adhere to the standards of The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning


Nigel Willson

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Nigel is a global speaker, influencer and advisor on artificial intelligence, innovation & technology (ranked amongst the top AI influencers in the world)

He was at Microsoft for twenty years, in his last role as European chief technology officer for professional services, but now an independent voice on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and co-founder of We and AI


Sean Dowse

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Sean is a passionate business and technology leader with broad expertise in professional services and customer success organisations.


He was at Microsoft for over twenty years working in their services business unit, leading solution delivery and relationship management teams across many diverse clients sectors

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